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  Tony Sharpe, Peachland, B.C. Canada.
Dear Eduardo,
May I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent page! My girlfriend Heather and I are staying with our friend David Tate in Canada, over the holiday period, and I've just been browsing your website. Superb! I would just like to publicly thank John, Terry, Eddie, Liz, Mike and Yvonne for a wonderful year, and I look forward to seeing them all in'98. With love and best wishes from everyone at Shibden Hall, Halifax. Have a Happy [and "Amazing"] New Year!
28 December 1997

  Claire Sacks (Harper of Hammond Castle), Framingham, MA, USA.
Verily cool and truly groovy site! Discovered Blondel in the late '70s via funky record shop, Blondel has been a big influence.
21 November 1997

  Mike Finney,Welton, Lincoln, UK.
Message to Mark Edmunds, Scarborough Beach, Australia
from Ed Baird of Amazing Blondel via Mike Finney.
'Thanks for your kind wishes. I look forward to seeing you again at Christmas.
All the best, Ed.
13 November 1997

  Daniel Tierney, Ayrshire, Scotland.
I have wondered what happened to you guys, nice to hear from you all again and on CD....what happened to 12" plastic?
12 November 1997

  Alan Plumb, Olifantsfontein, South Africa.
After 16 years in South Africa, and Amazing Blondel a very fond memory from the past, I now find myself educating the hariy backs over here on real music. Have never found an Amazing Blondel C.D. Album or Tape here and am desperate for live in Japan. Great site.
30 October 1997

  Roy Borgen, Oslo, Norway.
It’s great to hear that the Blondels are still «alive and kicking». I’d just like to tell everyone who visits this guestbook the I went to England one summer (20 years ago) just to see Lincoln and feel the atmosphere in the Lincoln Cathedral – knowing that the Blondels must have spent quite som time there – not just to be photographed for the cover of the Evensong album... Regretfully, I never met any of the Blondels there, but I DID feel their presence...And of course, their songs kept ringing in my ears all that summer, and every now and again when I clean the old vinyl albums for dust.
24 October 1997

  Ray Moody, Hull, England.
I'm looking forward to seeing the Amazing Blondel at the Playhouse in Beverley on November 1997.
20 October 1997

  John Wilkinson, Columbia, Maryland, USA.
Thanks for the site.
30 September 1997

  Padric Morris, Etobicoke, On., Canada.
What can be said that hasn't already been said about Amazing Blondel at this forum. It sure took me back to those green & salad days of my youth, still have the vinyl to boot.
Really good looking page as well. I give it an A, nice beat and really good to...
1 September 1997

  Warren Brown, Tallmadge, OH, USA.
As an avid progressive rock fan from 20 odd years ago, I am surprised that I missed Amazing Blondel back then. But thanks to the airplay you're getting from WKSU in Kent, Ohio, I have become a fan. And maybe its for the best. If I had known your music years ago, I wouldn't have had the recent (and rare these days) thrill of discovery. Your music - old and new - is fresh, lively, and lifts my spirits.
Thanks - and keep it up.
1 September 1997

  Peter Bolger, North Shields, Tyne and Wear, UK.
Well, well....who'd have thought ? Many congratulations on a fine site. I'd just like to say that 'Fantasia Lindum' will forever be associated with long winter evenings spent yearning for spring and summer to arrive. A la recherche du temps perdu.... As I recall, I found the first 4 AB vinyl albums in a junk shop [Including the Bell debut!] and paid £4 for the lot! Been hooked ever since.
27 August 1997

  Invard Andreasen, Ringkoebing, Denmark.
Good to see Amazing Blondel on the net.
25 August 1997

  Carol Small, Wanstead, London, UK.
Thank you so much! You've made my day - no, week!
I'd long ago given up hope of hearing more about the group. I never had a chance to go to any concerts since I wasn't introduced to their records until too late in the day ... it would be wonderful to make up for that now.
I've not finished trawling through this website yet, but if there's a way to order these CDs on-line then I'll be doing so ... if not, then you should enable us devotees to do so!
13 August 1997

  Mark Edmunds, Scarborough Beach, Australia.
Dear Ed Baird,
Well if this message gets to you I hope that your in good health. I was amazed to see, whilst playing on the net at work, all this information. I've been in contact with Gaz, and he tells me of julians escapades at the wedding ! Well, I'am home for Christmas and I'II definately catch up with you then. Maybe you'll have a complementary CD for me!! Good luck Blondel with the new release.
5 August 1997

  Massimo Stazi, Rome, Italy.
I knew A.M. in 1971 when I was 16 years old but my english teacher, who's 31, gave me a cassette last month.
1 August 1997

  Debra Gardner, San Antonio, TX, UK.
This is going to date me but I was 15 in 1970, a fan of folk music, and I never heard Amazing Blondel. Thankfully, I've "seen the light" although it's taken me 27 years. Yay! What a neat band!
17 July 1997

  Nancy Boston, University of Nottingham, Fac. of Agricultural and Food Sciences, UK.
Came to see you at Brigg last Saturday (12 July) for your reunion with no preconceptions. Enjoyed the music but what's happened to the hair? For me the highlights were the song in Latin and Terry finally loosening up and clowning around - you can have a lot of fun with a crumhorn! Hope the reformation goes well. All the best
15 July 1997

  Matthias Kristiansen, Reykjavi, Iceland
'Evensong', 'Fantasia Lindum' and 'England' have been spinning on my grammophone since the early seventies, but I missed hearing new stuff. It was great to stumble across the new CD Restoration in Germany and discovering that those medieval trobadours have a homepage!
O tempora, o internet!
4 July 1997

  David Tate, Peachland, BC, Canada
Just got back from spending 2 rushed working weeks in England, but managed to take in AB's concert in Hull, thanks to my good friend Tony Sharpe, who supplied the tickets. What an evening! All three of the lads ooze with talent! What instrumentalists! What voices! What songs!
Managed to meet them afterwards, and they are really nice guys too.
Memorable! Keep it up lads!
3 July 1997

  James Newell, Modbury, Devon, UK.
What is John David Gladwin doing now?
3 July 1997

  Ray Mood, 215, Cranbrook Avenue, Hull, East Yorkshire, England HU6 /TX.
I live in Hull and as teenager in the late 60's and early 70's saw the Amazing Blondel many times, especially at the open air concerts in Hull's East Park. I was really pleased to find that their albums had now been released on CD, especially the early ones!
Over the past few years I have been writing a book on the rock music scene in Hull and the East Reading during 1960's. It provides an A to Z of the local groups of this period, and the Amazing Blondel have two full pages to themselves as well as a photo. The book will be published towards October and will be available in the local shops.
Back to the Amazing Blondel, I think that it would be great if they could do a gig again in Hull and feel sure that they would sell out at the Arts Centre of the City Hall and if I suddently come into any money the I will certainly hire the City Hall and invite them to appear.
26 June 1997

  Wil Fermont, Pijnacker, Netherlands.
Until I heard Fantasia Lindum I couldn't believe this kind of music even would exist. Now, looking back, it's clear that the music of Amazing Blondel is a monument in music. Great to have the guitar chords finally, so I can try to sing and play the songs by myself (not the same quality of course. I bought 'Restoration' today (but didn't dare to listen yet).
18 June 1997

  Ronald Girardin, West Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA
It's great to see Blondel are back together, recording and touring! Speaking of touring, are there any plans for a tour in the USA? Also, what were the songs played during their shows in the UK. I am green with jealousy... I wish I could see Blondel perform. But in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy all their albums and CDs. I'm also hoping that Mulgrave Street and Inspiration will be released on CD.
Thank you Blondel!!!!
18 June 1997

  W. Christian Treiber, Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.A.
During the 70's a friend of mine Muff Winwood (Yes, Stevie's Brother) who was working at Island Records took me to see the group in concert. I was totally amazed. He gave me a complete set of the albums that the group had out at the time and until the were stolen (the thief must have had good taste) I played them all the time.
Blondel Forever!!!!!
17 June 1997

  Dane Strassman, Philadelphia, PA., USA.
In a fit of indecision, I tried another search of the net for Amazing Blondel. I hadn't done a search in about 2 years, but I thought I was just 2 years older and no closer to knowing just what happened to "those Blondel fellows" who produced music that felt like melodic bedtime stories (to my then 10 year old mind anyway).
Damn! it felt like a dream! A dream come true. Not only did I get some answers, but some new Amazing Blondel if I could find a copy in Philadelphia. To top off the whole surprise, (as I write this I still can't believe this) the web sight is gorgeous! A reverent, cleanly designed info center that carefully balances a fan-like exuberance with a business like presentation. Very classy! This feels like a dream...
I will go now to ask my wife to pinch me.
Thank you, Dane Strassman
9 June 1997

  Nick Serpell, Redruth, Cornwall, UK.
I have most of Blondels albums on vunyl...unfortunately being old enough to have bought them on release. Saw them in the dim and distant past at a concert in Plymouth. Good to know they are back...they were part of the whole folk rock style of English music which othere try to imitate...without success.
27 May 1997

  Paul Fowles, Bolton, UK.
I'd just like to say thanks for an excellent site and to let you know that we've added it to the Manchester Guitar Circle's links page.
BTW look out for my review of "Restoration" in a forthcoming issue of "Classical Guitar" magazine.
2 June 1997

  Patrick Phillips, ?.
A wonderful trip back with a view forward!
27 May 1997

  Graham Dixon, Hoghton, Lancs, UK.
I saw Blondel play at The Amethyst in Preston in the early 70s. I had 2 albums, 'Amazing Blondel' & 'Fantasia Lindum' stolen from my car in the late 70s. (Are the albums still available?)
My wife and I often perform Love Sonnet
Great pages, A real blast from my past. Keep music live.
18 May 1997

  Newton Martins, Santo André, São Paulo, Brasil.
Como entusiasta do trabalho de Amazing Blondel, Gryphon, Maddy Prior e outros grupos expoentes da música Folk e progressiva,fiquei muito gratificado em ver que a sensibilidade e bom gosto, características marcantes não apenas de suas obras, são também das HomePages que você desenvolveu para divulgá-los.
Parabéns, Eduardo.
Um grande abraço,
Newton Martins
2 May 1997

  Eddy Arthursson, Lindesberg, Sweden.
I've seen a life performance with Amazing Blondel which was fantastic during the 70's in Örebro Concert Hall. I have all, I think, your records. I recently bought three of them again on CD, replacing my worn out vinyls, but I still miss "England" on CD, så please re-release that one too! The 'Landscape / Seascape' suite is fantastic!
28 April 1997

  Robert M. Blondel, Richmond, VA, USA.
Well, I did a Yahoo search on me and found you.
Played guitar since 1967, picked up autoharp, lap and hammer dulcimer, button box, and have just acquired the dread disease of harp-lust. So I guess I'll have to build a harp and learn how to play it.
There are worse diseases. Except when I have to move house.
I've never heard your music, or for that matter seen a CD in the stores, but from what I read on your very pleasant page we both try to carry on the tradition started by our mutual precursor, Richard's minstrel. Regards, Bob Blondel RN
28 April 1997

  Jack Daiter, Toronto, Canada.
A beautiful and informative site. I concur with some of the other sentiments expressed above: it is very refreshing to find a group of Blondel enthusiasts world-wide. I have been a faithful fan of the group since the original vinyl recordings hit the record shops oh so many many years ago. Anxiously awaiting the new CD.
Again much thanks for being out there somewhere in cyberspace!
22 April 1997

  Andrew Spurrier, Nesles la Vallee, France.
Having discovered Blondel at Harris College, Preston, in 1970(?) and followed them subsequently at concerts for some years after, I am delighted to discovered that the band is not dead and even still recording. I only discovered this after stumbling by accident across a CD of The Amazing Blondel during a visit to a Preston record shop recently. I look forward to keeping in touch from now one.
Best wishes.
8 April 1997

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