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  Neil Hamilton, Nova Scotia, Canada.
A follower of Free, somewhere along the line, way back...i found out that Kirke and Rodgers (of Free) played a tune or two with AB. After picking up a copy of the Purple lp, what a bonus...Sue and Sunny. This was, and still is a great and warm piece of my music pleasure.
13 March 1997

  Stephen Dodds, Sheffield, UK.
Complete surprise to find Amazing Blondel on the Net.
Marvelous discovery.
9 March 1997

  Giorgio Gregori, Brescia, Italy.
What a joy to find your page: I've thought that the band was dead.... ! Amazing Blondel has always been one of my favourite bands: I have discovered early music with a concert of A.M. in Travagliato (near Brescia) in the early '70 as a Patto's supporters; when i meet Anna, my wife, 14 years ago, we have three records in common: Amazing Blondel Evensong, Fantasia & England! Now, she is graduated in guitar and is studying and playing lute & theorboe (next week we meet Rolf Lislevand, three weeks ago Nigel North.....)
9 March 1997

  Dean Zemel, Milwaukee, WI, USA.
It was way back in around 1973 when I visited a friend in Oregon and he told me I had to hear this one record, which was Blondel. It remains one of the most beautiful albums I own and I have turned many onto it. I have all of the LP vinyl issued and, now the CDs. After having all but given up on finding out what happened to Amazing Blondel, I am stunned to find this page. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (And ditto to Brett Bayne's mention of Eddie Baird's solo album, Hard Graft!).
9 March 1997

  Jeff Ferguson, Mississauga, Canada.
Glad to find your page. Very nicely done. I'm looking forward to the new CD.
8 March 1997

  Chris Marsh, Cwm Fields, Pontypool, Gwent, UK.
Very brief visit today (working). Will spent MUCH more time at a later date. It's good to know that there are still other folk who enjoy the music of this much under-rated bunch!
5 March 1997

  Julio Murillo, Barcelona, Spain.
What a pleasure to find the Amazing Blondel Home Page. I Want To Join The Club. I feel very happy with the releases of AB discography in CD. They are one of my favourite groups with Yes. Hope to hear the new CD soon.
Greetings from Spain.
3 March 1997

  Stefano Toria, Rome, Italy.
Stunning. Amazing Blondel has always been one of my favourite bands, reproducing the spirit of my favourite period in early music (I love music from the 15th and 16th century and I play a lute myself).
To find a web site devoted to them has been a pleasant surprise, and to learn they have recorded a new album and will actually tour to Italy, an even greater!
15 February 1997

  Charles Martin, Maitland, Florida, USA.
Thank you so much for doing this page -- as with the others I thought I must be the ONLY fan in the US!! Please tell the band that there is no way they could disappoint us with this new release, so just play for their own pleasure and the fans will follow! Best wishes, and as Arnold Schartzenegger would say: "Ah'll be baaack!"
15 February 1997

  Dale Thornton, Southampton, Bermuda.
Living in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire in the early '70s I followed Blondel around town. Even bought a harmonium from them and later a lute. Have been playing tunes from their albums at Folk Clubs in the U.K., Bermuda and U.S for 25 years. My albums are getting worn and pleased to hear CD's may be released.
Hi Terry (at the Baths, I believe...) and John at Elsham (Saw your ad for guitar lessons in a local rag).
Look forward to a new album soon..........
Delighted to find this page of what is an era to me.
9 February 1997

  Amy E.K. Vail.
What a joy to find your page! Sometimes, when I'm discouraged, I have suspected that I'm the only person in the world who loves Blondel - though I've been doing my best to prostelytise for ages. Pure heaven - leafy lanes and all. The memories are as precious as the music.
9 February 1997

  Brett Bayne, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Great site! I'm naturally intrigued by all this talk of the new album, but I'll never stop hoping for a sequel to the great "Purple Album." Also, I didn't see any mention of Eddie's solo album here. It's worth mentioning.
4 February 1997

  Kees van der Lely, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.
Glad that the Amazing Blondel is represented on the Net in such a beautiful way. This way you keep their music alive!.
1 February 1997

  William L. Porter, Kent, WA, USA.
I, like many before me, thought I was the only Amazing Blondel fan in the USA. 'The Paintings' have been a source of inspiration in my feeble attempts to write landscape watercolors of music. I am looking forward to the new release.
27 January 1997

  Hafsteinn Andresson, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Great page.
23 January 1997

  Maurizio Antoninetti, San Diego, CA, USA.
Finally I get you!! It was a long time I was searching for your "amazing" England album. Too bad nobody here in thew sunny land was able to help me out in the reasearch. But now, thanks to your wonderful web page, I'll be able to order it, even on CD!!
Great job guys, and take it easy.
18 December 1996

  Brian E. Hammond, Tampa, FL, USA.
A great page worthy of a great band. Their music is timeless. Thanks for giving all of us diehards a chance to get together and know each other.
10 December 1996

  David Tate, Peachland, BC, Canada.
Wonderful pages; nicely done! Some people may find it intersesting to know that the cover shot of Fantasia Lindum was done at Shibden Hall in Halifax, W.Yorkshire. A good friend nforms me that AB are intending to return there for more photo sessions for their upcoming album, and possibly a concert!
30 November 1996

  Ben Harrison, Albuquerque, NM, USA.
I don't really know anything about this band, but really nice job on the page! I think I might like to check out some of their music.
29 November 1996

  Merf Adamson, Leeds, England.
Without wanting to repeat what others have said, I do have to say this is an incredible piece of work: congratulations on a wonderful site.
I first heard Evensong many years ago, and did manage to get my own copy, but over the years I have moved around and things have got lost...
I had no idea there so many AB fans out there; I didn't even know they'd done more than one album (shame on me). When I used Yahoo to search for Amazing Blondel I didn't really expect to find anything, but what a treasure trove you have here! I will certainly be ordering some of these CDs for Christmas!
Good Luck, and Best Wishes to you!
22 November 1996

  Alec Short, Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom.
Brilliant!! I've always loved their music, and look forward to hearing the new album.
29 October 1996

  Oystein Lommerud, Norway.
I must admit that I have in my possession every vinyl record that Amazing Blondel ever put into the common market. Being an avid fan, I have no alternative but to emphasize that Amazing Blondel more than once have restored my belief in "The Meaning of Life" (no pun intended). Please accept my respects for establishing this homepage, and "long may you run".
15 October 1996

  Tony Donato, Roslyn, PA, U.S.A.
Wow! I love this page! I've been a huge Blondel fan since '73 and I'm just now getting around to updating my collection with the new CD re-issues. I can't wait to hear the new live release. Does anybody know if they'll ever tour the States again? Also, the presentation herein is intellegent and informative. I heartily commend you on your work.
15 October 1996

  Christopher Chantler, Canterbury, Kent, England.
What splendid work. This page is a delightful discovery. Thanks to the CD reissues, the country is alive to a reawakening of Blondelmania after all these years, and about time too. Here's to the next album, and the next tour!
10 October 1996

  Manuel Alvarez Vilches, Vigo, Spain.
Thanks a lot for creating this page. I've discovered AB in 1975, when I was studying Medicine. I ever supposed that nobody in this world liked their music. Thanks a lot, again Mr.Mota. I will look for Fantasia Lindum (the record) in CD, because I just have one copy in cassette. I have two more credors (vynil).
29 September 1996

  Tim Slover, Provo, USA.
Thank you for this page. It makes me feel that I have a home now among other Blondel illuminati. The issue of Amazing Blondel albums on compact disk is the most important event in cd technology since its invention, perhaps since Edison put sound on wax cylinders! And as for the news that Gladwin, Wincott, and Baird have actually recorded a new album: ah, well, that goes one better than Anselm and Aquinas as a proof for Godů
23 September 1996

  João Antas de Campos, Lisboa, Portugal.
If there would be a world ranking for the Amazing Blondel's enthusiasts, I would be undoubtedly the number one.
During a long period I was an anti-commercial rock/folk lover. I owned more or less one thousand LPs, before moving to classical music from the 14th to the 18th centuries, specially performed in an historically-performed style. Now I own one thousand CDs of this kind of music. All the old vynils were sold except those Amazing Blondel's, which I keep religiously and have also on CD. They are really amazing...
Why not an interview with John David Gladwin on these pages? What has he done since 1973?
8 September 1996

  Weber Alves Junior, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Thanks for your Amazing Blondel Home Page. Good design with a beautiful display, presenting a band not well revealed by the media.
5 September 1996

  Brian Parkinson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Great page!
30 August 1996

  Tom Greuling, Matthews, North Carolina, USA.
You've done a great job with the site. The Amazing Blondel are my all time favorites. I can't believe the band are back together and that we'll hear some new material from them soon (although it seems like they've been recording this new album forever). I never thought that their older material would see the light of day on CD, but thanks to Edsel and HTD Records we can enjoy them in all of their digital splendor. Once again, you've done a great job here. A real labor of love. I always thought I was the only person that enjoyed their music.
29 August 1996

  Seong-Woo Kim, Taejon, Korea.
Fantastic Works! Hope to listen their warmful sound again.
23 August 1996

  Paul Hite, Rockville, Maryland, USA.
I saw Evensong in a record store. I had never heard of Amazing Blondel, but I decided to buy it anyway. I have been hooked on them ever since. My vinyl has been wearing out so I'm delighted to see their material coming out on CD. I have all the early albums on CD except for England...and I'm looking hard for that.
Good work on this page! I especially like the animation effects.
14 August 1996

  Sergio Eugenio de Risios Bath, Brasília, Brasil.
Great site.
13 August 1996

  Ken Norian, Long Island, NY, USA.
While working at a college radio station in 1974, I discovered the Amazing Blondel. Up until my retirement from broadcasting in 1995, the Amazing Blondel continued to be heard on Long Island, New York. I've played a countless number of fine artists in my life - yet, Amazing Blondel is in my top five of all times.
It's heartening to know that there are folks around who continue to enjoy and appreciate their music.
Great site, I'll stop back again soon.
11 August 1996

  Petri Heinonen, Helsinki, Finland.
Beautiful site! Nice fonts and design. The interview-section is most interesting. I wonder how much work You have done to make this happen...
10 August 1996

  Mauro Moroni (Mellow Records), Sanremo, Italy.
Fantastic job. I love this band since '72. My sincere compliments to you and HTD!!
10 August 1996

  Malcolm Holmes (HTD), Bexley. U.K.
Well done. The page is coming along fine and I will pass on your good work to Blondel.
8 August 1996

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