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   Baird solo album  [6th June 2000]

 'Also...' cover
      A limited edition of Eddie Baird's second album, entitled 'Also...' is available on CD for purchasing.
      If anyone would like a copy, please send 12 .00 (which includes p&p) to:
         1 Willis Terrace,
         Upper Long Leys Road.
         Lincoln LN2 2PL, United Kingdom

      Please make cheques payable to: A. OYSTON.
      For orders outside the UK please send 13 sterling (Eurocheques if possible).

 The Amazing Blondel Information Centre

      Mike Finney is organising an appreciation society for this band. He is now delivering "The Minstrel", the official Amazing Blondel newsletter.
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The Amazing Blondel Information Centre
Mike Finney
PO Box 309

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The Amazing Blondel Information Centre

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      The Amazing Blondel Information Centre is pleased to be able to offer a limited range of merchandising, including 'A Foreigh Field That Is Forever England' T-shirts, sweatshirts and posters.
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  Jenny Cantle (
Please has anyone a copy of Fantasia Lindum - I must have this album. How on earth can I find a copy. I have been to every second hand record shop in the UK. Has anyone got a copy to sell? Let me know.
April 29, 2000

  Ray Moody (
Over the past few years I have been writing a book about the rock music scene in Hull and the East Riding during the swingin' sixties and would like to hear from anyone who was in a local band at this time. I am particularly interested in line-ups of local Hull, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire groups from 1960 - 1970, whether these were bands which just played local youth clubs, did a few gigs or had 15 minutes of fame. I am particularly intested in any amusing incidents. The book, which will be published, locally, late this year will form an A to Z of the local music scene at this time. Equally, I would like to hear from anyone who attended local gigs during the late sixties, such as the Open Air Amazing Blondel gigs in Hull's East Park. Do you remember anything about the gigs, the groups featured, amusing incidents, etc. I look forward to hearing from you, no matter how trivial. Best Wishes Ray Moody.
June 5, 1998

  Martin Nike (
I'm looking for the albums that came after "Blondel", the purple album. Can anyone help me obtain copies of them?
March 30, 1998

  Paul Hite (
In case anyone is still interested in the Si-Wan CD release of "England", the order number for it is SRMC-0041. Si-Wan is a Korean Re-issuer. You can reach them at Click on "SI-WAN SERIES". Then click on "0000 Series". "England" is toward the bottom of the list. Si-Wan seems to have a very interesting catalog.
Now a question, is this release on "England" unauthorized or illegal?
March 13, 1998

  Alan Brown (
I wonder if anyone can tell me if the Live in Tokyo album will be appearing on CD? I cannot find this on album in Canada. Can someone sell me a dub of this album which can keep me happy until the CD is released. I've never heard this album.
February 22, 1998

  Claire Sacks (
Looking to contact other Blondel fans, especially musicians, especially from the British Isles. I play harp, a few other instruments, and sing and have been studying pre-18th century music for about ten years.
November 21, 1997

  Michael Dalvano (
In Search of Bad Dreams. Looking for a dub of this LP
I have all the other Blondel LPs and will trade dubs and I have a long list of other items to trade with.
September 9, 1997

 Marcus Caluori (
Who distribute HTD Records in Switzerland? (After Disctrade)
September 2, 1997

 Giulio Sangirardi (
I'm looking for recordings of the album not yet pubblished in Cd and if it's possible for the addresses of the Blondel themselves.
June 25, 1997

 Susan Bonfiglio (
Are there any places in the US to get all of Amazing Blondels cd's?
March 24, 1997

 Julio Murillo (
News, releases of old material in CD format, all kind of stuff in general
March 5, 1997

 Brian Parkinson (
Does anyone know where England is available ?
August 30, 1996

 Greg Boone (
I am interested in finding out how to order the CD England on Si-Wan records. Can anyone give me a phone/fax or address for them??
August 29, 1996

 Ken Levine (
Are there CD releases of "Mulgrave Street" and "Inspiration" planned? These poppier albums helped me get through difficult study periods in the 80s.
August 27, 1996

 Keith Pettipas (
Looking for debut album by Amazing Blondel (vinyl please) original or exact reissue.
August 11, 1996

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