Band and Members Pages

    Curved Air Mailing List - Page featuring instructions "how to join the E-mail group discussing Curved Air and it's members" music.

    Curved Air 1970s UK Rock Band - An interesting Curved Air page created and maintained by Tony Mortlock.

    Francis Monkman - A very informative page created by Francis himself. Includes sound samples of great interest, specially one taken from a 1990 Curved Air reunion jam session. Highly recommended!

    Stewart Copeland - Stewart's own page.

    A Tab in the Ocean - An interesting archive of lyrics and tablature, tabbed by Christopher Carl Heckman, where lots of Curved Air stuff can be found (including "Lovechild" and "Airborne" lyrics) .

Guides and Resources

    The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock - Massive information about progressive music, arranged alphabetically by band or artist. Check out for Curved Air, Darryl Way, Francis Monkamn, Sonja Kristina, Eddie Jobson, Stuart Copeland and related band entries.

    All Music Guide - A biography and some information about band and members records can be reached when searching for Curved Air, Darryl Way, Sonja Kristina, Francis Monkman, Eddie Jobson, Stuart Copeland and others .

    The Rough Guide to Rock Music - Over 1200 rock bands and artists entries, including Curved Air's.

    Calyx - The Canterbury Web Site maintained by Aymeric Leroy. Provides information on Caravan, Soft Machine, Gong, Egg and other Canterbury bands and includes a page about Mike Wedgwood.

    Ultimate Band List, The - Thousands of musical links.

    Others - Progressive Rock Web Site, The;   Reels of Dreams Unrolled (a Progressive Rock Fanzine);   Rock Progressivo Brazil;   The Spanish Progressive Music Page.

Related Artists and Bands

    Sky - Super group originally formed by Francis Monkman, guitar virtuoso John Williams, Herbie Flowers, Tristan Fry and Kevin Peek.

    UK - Another super group originally featuring Eddie Jobson, John Wetton, Alan Holdsworth and Bill Brudford.

    Police - Famous rock band which included Stewart Copeland.

Progressive Rock & Folk Artists and Bands

    Amazing Blondel - From England, the most exquisite and humoured progressive folk band.

    Banco dell Mutuo Soccorso - Official home page of a great classic progressive band from Italy, still active nowadays.

    Gentle Giant - One of the most ambitious progressive rock groups. Contemporary music, mediaeval polyphonies, folk, baroque counterpoint and rock, all melted in an original style.

    Gryphon - A great progressive rock band with an important classical influence.

    Premiata Forneria Marconi - The home page of a great italian progressive band recently reformed.

    Maddy Prior - A site devoted to the best female vocalist of progressive folk-rock music.

    Renaissance - The premier classically-influenced progressive rock band in a very informative website.

    Van der Graaf Generator Tribute Site - Unofficial homepage dedicated to one of the most cerebral and challenging of progressive rock bands.

    Other progressive bands and artists:   Advent;   After Crying;   Jan Akkerman;   Amon Düül II;   Ange;   Änglagård;   Art Zoyd;   Camel;   Cocteau Twins;   Dead Can Dance;   Eloy;   Emerson, Lake & Palmer;   The Enid;   Brian Eno;   Fairport Convention;   Family;   Finisterre;   The Flower Kings;   Focus;   Robert Fripp / King Crimson;   Peter Gabriel;   Genesis;   Goblin;   Hedningarna;   Henry Cow;   Isildurs Bane;   Jethro Tull;   Landberk;   Daniel Lanois;   Magna Carta;   Manfred Mann;   Le Orme;   Anthony Philips;   Procol Harum;   Pink Floyd;   Samla Mammas Manna;   Sinkadus;   Steeleye Span;   Stoa;   Strawbs, The;   David Sylvian;   Triumvirat;   Univers Zero;   Yes.


    Labels with progressive catalogue:   Carbon 7;   Castle Records;   Celestial Harmonies;   Cuneiform Records;   Delerium Records;   ECM;   HTD Records;   Hyperium;   Island Records;   Mellow Records;   Musea Records;   Repertoire Records;   Si-Wan Records;   Vinyl Magic Italy;   Virgin Records;   Voiceprint   Warner Bros. Records;

    Other labels:   BMG / RCA;   Celtic Heartbeat;   Claddagh Records;   Channel Classics; Deutsche Grammophone;   Gael Linn;   Gimell;   Green Linet;   Green Trax;   Harbourtown Records;   Harmonia Mundi;   Hyperion;   Iona Records;   Polygram;   Rycodisk/Hanibal Records;   Shanachie;   Sony;   Temple.

    On-Line Vendors:   Ananana;   CD Europe;   CD Now;   CD-Teleshop;   CD Universe;   CD World;   CDZone;   Cheap or What;   Cranium Music;   EMusic;   Indie;   Jungle CD;   Music Boulevard;   The Missing Piece;   Record Heaven;   Vinyl Magic Italy;   Vinyl Tap.