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  Dag Kristoffersen, Kongsberg, Norway.
A great band and Francis and Darryl are great musicians.
January 24, 1999

  Diana Markley, Westfield Center, Ohio, USA
I wish there would be some way that I would be able to obtain the AIR CUT album, cassette, or CD. My favorite song is Metamorphasis, and I would love to hear that song over and over. I wish they would make a CD of the Air Cut album. Please, please, please!!!!!
January 9, 1999

  Mcakturk, Aydýn, Turkey
Curved Air is my queen. I can not say anything.
Long live Curved Air.
January 8, 1999

  Diana Green, Minneapolis, MN, USA
I haven't heard all the albums, but I did get to see them perform live backing up Tull in '70 or '71 in Milwaukee. The memory of the violin solo in Vivaldi will stay with me forever!
I also have some concert video of them, and am a Sky fan. One of my favorite pieces of vinyl is The Long Good Friday soundtrack, so I was delighted to read of his new solo album!
The primary music played in our house these days is Gentle Giant, Shawn Phillips, and Spock's Beard. this is not to slight C.A.- I just have 3 albums on cd, and will pick up the rest as I run across them!.
December 29, 1998

  Jorge Murillo Albuquerque Sant'Iago, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
Beautiful melodies and brillant songs. Thanks Sonja and all members of CA (Way, Monkman, Jobson etc)... from just a brazilian listener.
December 24, 1998

  Mike Vernon, Austin, Texas, USA.
I was knocked flat out by the 2nd album and phantasmagoria, but never heard or saw anything else about the group. Obviously after almost 30 years i've got some catching up to do!
December 16, 1998

  Stuart McLeod, Southwell, Portland, Dorset, UK.
I used to follow the band around the UK in the 70's. Am still interested in them.
December 11, 1998

  Rand Kelly, Fortuna,Ca, USA.
Air Cut is the only one not on cd, why is this? Eddie Jobson fans need this to complete the collection, and the lp gets sold for major bucks due to to it's scarcity. Please find a way to get Air Cut on cd! My fav is Phantasmagoria as well. thank you, Rand.
December 1, 1998

  Mário Ferreira, Casas Novas, Portugal.
Parabéns por mais este site.
Mais um para os meus bookmarks.
November 22, 1998

  Juan José Salas R., San Juan del Río, Qro., Mexico.
Great site, Eduardo!
Now I guess I have to take a listen to some CA albums I haven't heard.
Keep up the good work
To all prog. lovers, e-mail me: lunanegr@sjr.podernet.com.mx
November 19, 1998

  Sergio Pessanha, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
One more time congratulations for your new home page tribute to this great band that have unique music style.
November 19, 1998

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